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Terms and Conditions

When you make a booking you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Payments (made in cash) to the driver on arrival at hotel. If your transfer is return, please pay the total balance on arrival at the hotel.
  • The lead booking name is responsible for the final payment.
  • Carry your itinerary with you all the time when traveling. It must be provided to your driver on arrival at Faro airport.
  • Cancellations are permited at any time by email or phone. Until 18 hours prior your transfer you must cancel by phone.
  • We cannot accept responsibility from booking errors like, wrong flight date, time, pickup/dropoff address or location. We always do or best to check every detail on each reservation, however the details on the booking are client's responsibility.
  • Modifications to booking must be made 24hrs prior to your arrival.
  • We will carry 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage per client. Any extra baggage (eg. golf clubs,surf boards,bicycles) must be disclosed on booking. We cannot be responsible to carry any extra luggage not declared.
  • Ajdtransfers reserve the right to refuse to transport clients under the influence of alchool or drugs or considered to be a risk to our driver.
  • Smoking is not permited in our vehicles. Consumption of food and beverages is also not permitted with the exception of water.
  • If you're travelling to a private destination such as a villa, please request to the owner the itinerary to your destination, and provide it to your driver. We cannot be responsible to not find your private address destination.
  • We will endeavour to arrive for collection at Faro International airport on time and collect you on your return to Faro International airport at the pre arranged time, however we can not be held responsible for delays beyond our control (Eg.Traffic delays, weather conditions, compliance with police stops etc.). We will however contact you when possible in the event of any such occurrence.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for items damaged or lost in transit. Your property is entirely your responsibility.
  • Should we fail to reach your desired destination due to circumstances beyond our control, we will provide alternative transportation at no extra cost to the client.
  • We reserve the right to decline to transport your party due to health and safety specifications.
  • You should require booster or baby seats prior to travelling.
  • If we don't arrive at the pick up at the pre-arranged time we ask our clients to give us a margin of 20 minutes. This will give us adequate time to deal with unforseen circumstances which may arise (we will contact client when possible).
  • We reserve the right to depart your accomodation 15 minutes after the pre arranged pick up time if member of your party not advise our driver of your delay.
  • We will wait approx 1 hour after your landing time in Faro International airport. If there is a problem with luggage please advise us by sending 1 member of your party to find us in arrivals. We will be happy to wait for you until the problem is solved. If you are travelling alone please advise by calling the number provided on your paperwork.
  • If you need an extra stop (stopping at a local supermarket for shopping) please request in advance on your booking. We will charge 10€ for each 15 minutes.

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